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*Two photographers; Rachel and Austen

*All day coverage from bride and groom preparations through to your 1st dance and  evening party!

*All the edited, high-resolution, digital pictures from your day with full printing-rights   (usually in excess of 500 images).

*Digital Slideshow of all your edited pictures.

*Pre wedding consultation/venue visit.

*Private, password protected, online gallery to share your images with family and friends and an ordering area too.


Our Optional Extras…

The famous Photo-FUN-Booth: prices from £500 (have a look at our other website for more details and to book separately)

Bespoke Wedding Album from £650 (Parent replica albums start from £300)

...frames, wall prints, guest books, signing frames, engagement pictures, pre wedding photoshoot, post wedding (trash-the-dress) photoshoot, thank you cards and more available...


Our Albums...

We design our own albums and we work very hard to retell the story of your day using your selection of pictures. We add some of our favourites too and we pepper the design with pictures of details and incidentals that helped make the day. We think that the resulting page designs are beautiful. Have a look at an example of one of our designs here

We use an Italian album company called Graphistudio to print and bind our page designs, we think that they produce the world's best 'storybook' digital albums of which we have many examples from the traditional leather to more contemporary acrylic or metallic covers. The materials used in production and their attention to detail is second to none. They are the best of the best of the best, that's why we use them.

The albums can be purchased after your wedding at any stage.

Album prices start at £650 and that includes all of our extensive design work to make your album and your day unique. 

(nothing goes to print until you have seen it and have had the opportunity to make some changes. It's YOUR wedding album and will last forever. Guaranteed!)

(Austen waxing lyrical on the importance of) Wedding Albums.

My Mum and Dad got married in 1968 and I remember their wedding album, kept high on a shelf in the lounge and brought down occasionally to fascinate us all.

It was a thing of importance from the past.

I remember the reverence with which it had to be handled. I remember the smell and feel of the leather cover. I remember the weight and the sound of the pages, turning, telling the black and white story of familiar strangers in a snapshot of another time and place. More than the sum of these parts, their wedding album came into existence as a family heirloom; a thing of quality and craftsmanship that represented their first commitment to us all being family.

In our digital generation, physical photographic prints are rare; albums of pictures are rarer still. If your children's children find a USB stick or a CD in a box in the loft marked 'wedding' will they be able to look at the pictures or will USBs, CDs and JPEGs have been replaced with something else?

We provide you with all the edited pictures on one of those USBs as standard. We would advise that you copy those pictures and put them in several places. We would encourage you to print prints and frame them, give prints to family and friends as presents and create your own albums but we would also advise that you to consider getting us to design an album for you. We will take time getting the layouts right, telling the story as it deserves to be told and producing for you an album using the best quality materials available in the world.

We would be honoured to produce your first family heirloom.